Mission Endowment

Change the World: One item and one week at a time!

It’s time again to help fill baby, hygiene, and school kits and we need your help to change the world. 
There will be a box in the bridge area for your items!
Please bring one or more of the following items during each month:

- 2 lightweight cotton undershirts, short sleeved up to 1 yr in size,
- Cloth diapers,
- Hooded sweatshirts (can be gently used or new, 6-12 mo size),
- 1 hand towel (dark color, lightweight),
- Ivory soap (bath size) in original wrapping

- 1 bath-size towel (dark color, lightweight),
- Bath soap (4-5 oz; Dial, Irish Spring, Ivory) in original wrapper,
- Adult toothbrushes in original wrapping,
- Sturdy combs

- 70 sheet notebooks (no loose-leaf paper),
- BLUNT scissors, 30 cm ruler,
- Pencil sharpener (small),
- #2 unsharpened pencils,
- Box of crayons (16 or 24/box),
- Clicker ball point pens (no gel ink)

The Mission Endowment voting is complete and here is the distribution of the $25,400 for 2017:



Grant amount

   Local Ministries


Roof debt reduction


Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool scholarships


Emmanuel Lutheran Peacemakers


Emmanuel Lutheran sanctuary chairs


Moscow High School Backpacks


Lutheran Campus Ministry

$4, 144

   Regional Ministries




Chatcolab, Northwest leadership


   International Ministries


Moscow Ecumenical Outreach


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee fund


Confraternity of St. James



  What else does the Committee do?
  Last year we teamed up with the Stewardship
  Committee to provide the Change the World
  Banks. If you don’t have one, see a
  committee member.