Organ Upgrades

Emmanuel recently hosted James Stettner of Puget Sound Pipe Organs for organ maintenance and upgrades. Organist emeritus Harry Wells with Sharon Wells worked with James to test the organ after the work was done. We are all looking forward to the great sounds to come. 


A note from Jim, “The Organ Man”

Greetings All,

Well, it was a busy week last week with long days, but wonderfully productive.

We arrived Sunday, July 3, and began on Monday the 4th. The car and trailer were unloaded without incident, and the Swell chamber was de-piped of most everything to make it safe to move around and do the work. Harry and Sharon Wells were present and helped bring two unused Parish Hall tables up to the sanctuary. Three of the ranks were stacked there, and the rest were carefully placed in the pews.

The legs for the new windchests had to be built and fitted on-site because they rest atop the rackboard which holds the pipes upright. So placement was crucial so as not to interfere with pipe placement or speech.
Both ranks are installed and have been tuned, regulated, and re-tuned. On our next visit, we will likely do some more regulation after the pipes have settled-in.  Harry and Sharon were both present Friday night when we finished, and Harry seemed pleased with the results. I know Rob Ely is really looking forward to experimenting with the new sounds.

The 4' Spitz Flute which was replaced by the Wald Flute is stored in the blower room. It
may be installed at a future date in a new application, but we will bring it back to the shop after our next visit so that it will be at-hand whenever the next phase might occur. There just wasn't room in the car on the return trip.

Also, the new stop tablets will be ordered and installed at the time of our next visit. And we have also ordered the missing engraved plates for various functions from the 2001 work done by another builder.

Attached are some labeled photos of the project from start-to-finish.  We hope you'll enjoy them and get some idea of what-all had to be done.

Please don't hesitate to write back with observations or questions.


Best wishes ~

Jim S.

James R. Stettner, President & Tonal Director
Michael A. Way, Engineering

Puget Sound Pipe Organs

9820 270th St. NW
Stanwood,  WA.  98292

(425) 269-1357 




This is quite interesting… and just really cool!

You can link to the Organ Historical Society Database which has accounts for all of the organ history at Emmanuel’s:

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Moller Relocated to Present Building (1969)
Original 1970 Reuter
2001 Upgrades
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