Simply Giving - A Benefit to You and Emmanuel

Emmanuel participates in Simply Giving, a safe, confidential electronic funds transfer program that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offers to Lutheran congregations, institutions, and ministries. Simply Giving offers you opportunity to conveniently, consistently, and joyfully give financial gifts to Emmanuel’s ministry, even when other obligations keep you from worship. Simply Giving provides Emmanuel with a reliable, baseline stream of revenue that helps achieve the congregation’s mission, especially during the “summer slump.”

Do I need to be a Thrivent member to use Simply Giving? Does Thrivent charge me or Emmanuel to participate?
No, no, and no, but... Any member of Emmanuel may participate and Thrivent does not charge, however, the actual transfer of funds is conducted by Vanco Service LLC. Vanco charges a nominal fee for their service.
How does the program work?
Your offerings are transferred electronically from your bank or credit union checking or savings account directly into Emmanuel’s checking account.
How and when can funds be withdrawn?
Withdrawals are made only with prior authorization from you, and you specify when contributions are made: contributions can be made any day you choose. Remember, however, that Emmanuel pays a small fee for each withdrawal from your account, so a single monthly withdrawal maximizes your contribution to Emmanuel.
What is the minimum that can be withdrawn?
Can I direct contributions to specific funds or projects within Emmanuel?
Yes, specific funds, the general fund, or some combination of both.
Can I temporarily stop payment or change the amount that I’m having withdrawn from an account?
Sure, just contact the Church Office (208.882.3915). Changes should be requested at least 5 business days before the scheduled transfer.
What about receipts?
Your bank statement will show your electronic withdrawals, and Emmanuel will send you a quarterly and an annual offering statement.
Who sees my information?
The Financial Secretary will enter the information pertaining to your payment into the Vanco Online Service Center, a secure website where Emmanuel manages the electronic transactions. Once a payment is entered, the rest is automated.
How do I sign up?
Simply contact the church office (208.882.3915) for an enrollment form.