One goal of your Stewardship Committee is to help every member with their personal stewardship journey. As part of our work, Stewardship has been trying to better understand the demographics of our congregation and the City of Moscow. We are asking everyone, no matter how long you have been a member, to please update their demographic, and Christian, records. By doing so, we feel that we will be better able to provide more directed, and relevant, information to specific groups within our congregation. Accurate information also assists Pastor in visitations and member support.

Please complete this fillable PDF version of our 2016 Membership Data Form. Your participation will help Pastor, Council, and various committees serve you better. Once completed, you may either (1) save the form and email (emmanuelmoscowid [at] it to the church office (put "Membership Update" in the subject line) OR (2) print a copy and a) mail it to the church office, b) leave it in the church office, or c) place it in the offering plate. Thank you!

[If you settings / software do not allow you to save the completed form directly, you might try "printing" it as a PDF (rather than sending it to your actual printer) and then try saving that "new" PDF at the prompt.]